Pantone Blanket!

The Crochet Blanket Class is coming up this coming Sunday March 23rd!

crochet blanket class

Lucky folks who are taking this class will have a sweet selection of Cascade 220, worsted weight yarns to choose from. If you’re in a spring frame of mind, and who among us is not hankering for spring, then you might want to make a blanket in the Pantone Colours for Spring 2014.  Here they are!


pantone 1Cascade colours:
Sunset #808
Doeskin #1926
Pale Mauve #9559
Baby Rose # 9442
Gelato #2439


dazzling bluehemlockplacid bluecomfreyAporto #4009
Celery #905
Sapphire #1951

Lake Chelan #9451


violet tulipMystic Purple #1948

and a new colour (not represented by Pantone, which is their loss) Ireland #2429

A few places remain in the Crochet Blanket Class.
Sunday March 23, 30, 12:30-3:30.

Call us to register 416 533 5648

Craftily yours

It’s sock time!

It is no accident that we have a sock class starting on March 21, and ending on April 4th.  This is the perfect time to learn how to make socks! The sock is one of the worlds greatest spring and summer knitting projects.  Here’s why:
1. Portability. Socks are a one skein project.  You may throw it in your purse, your backpack, your picnic basket, or your bike basket.  Have sock – will travel!
2. Light Weight.  Socks are usually made with fine, so called “sock yarn” which means it doesn’t feel hot and heavy in your hands and on your lap while you work it on your balcony on a clement evening.
3. A very fun knit! Sock patterns are a great combination of stimulating, entertaining knitting, broken up with periods of automatic, repetitive stuff.  Take it to the patio and gab with your pals as you knit these parts. Sock patterns are also easy to memorize so there’s no need to worry whether you forgot your pattern on the sofa.
4. Sock yarns come in delicious, summery colours, and it’s easy to take some wardrobe risks when it comes to the feet!
5. At the end of it all, you’ll have socks!  Socks that will be ready for next fall to keep your toes warm, socks that will be ready by December to give as gifts.


Some sock inspiration ↑. It’s a sock-in-progress by Lilja.  She’s using one of the self striping yarns by Turtlepurl called “Angry Birds” .

Sock Class
Thursday March 21, 28, April 4, 7-9pm
$76, materials not included
Students should be familiar with double pointed needles before joining this class

You can register by calling 416 533 5648, or coming by 1050 Queen St. West.

Craftily yours

the signs say we’re moving!

At least the sign in our window says “we’re moving!”. Below is a pic of our current Knit Cafe window. It makes me a bit sad that this is the last window I will design and dress at this location.  Over the last 10 years this has been one of my most satisfying projects.  No doubt more fantastic opportunities are to come at our new Roncesvalles location, but for now I thought I would just take a trip down memory lane and share some photos of windows-past.  Unfortunately it is pretty tricky to take a picture through a pane of glass so some of the photos are not nearly as special as the knit-displays were.  Also unfortunate is that I do not have pictures of many of our displays, including my first knit-art windows that featured my anatomical hearts.  If you have some photos of Knit Cafe windows you would like to share – please do get in touch!kc window

Beautiful Lace Medallion by Natalie Selles, 2013

natalie's window

Cat with Pom Pom, 2013

poppom window

Clouds made with fleece and a variety of precipitation, 2011

cloud 2

Close-up of same. Photo from Robbie Eddison


Snail Climbing a Felted Peony, 2012

snail 3

Over the years we have welcomed many wonderful guest artists to set up shop for a time in our window gallery.  Here are a few ↓

Felted Lion Head by Keily Stewart


Yarn Tornado by Stacey Sproule

stacey sprouletornado 2
Wool Stick Forest by Barbara Klunder, 2006


Crocheted triangles = Triangle, made by Becky Johnson


This Crocheted Coral Reef was made from discarded plastic bags by a lovely group of ladies, Becky Johnson, Shannon Gerard, Angelune des Laurier and Kalpna Patel. The picture was taken by Angleune Des Lauriers

toxic reef

Shanell Papp’s Crocheted Skeleton.  Shanell was visiting from Alberta for the City of Craft Show 2009.


Part of the City of Craft event from 2011 was this display.  These hand knitted envelopes were made by Dear Toronto.  This was an interactive installation that encouraged folks to write love letters to Toronto and leave them in the fuzzy envelopes.

envelopes 001

One of my favourite windows ever! It was designed by talented Iwona for Gay Pride week.  The photo is Robbie’s.

rainbow bears

Bunting by Jana Reid


…and then there were owls.
It started off innocently enough. Edie Kim crocheted an adorable owl that we all wanted to copy, so I asked our resident knitters to make a bunch and I went about collecting a bushel full of pine cones to go with them.

owls @the knit cafe by Robbie Eddison

and then we dressed some of them up for Halloween! This was our exhibit from Nuit Blanche 2011 called “Tecolote

Robbie NB 4Capture


Followed by the Christmas window of 2013

chritmas owls

For our 2009 Nuit Blanche exhibit the owls went to the circus.  This knitted parasol took many wee owls for a ride.  It was on a motor and turned continually!

cirque 3

More Cirques Des Hiboux from 2009

cirque 5

What is up with this Nuit Blanche thing?  Well, because we are crazy knitter’s – every year since we opened here on Queen Street we have been participating in this all night arts event.  That’s right- we’re up all night knitting and showing off some knit-art.
One of our first exhibits was “The Late Great Pom Pom Exchange”, where about a million art enthusiasts learned how to make Pom Poms.

late great pompom exchnage

Our third year as part of Nuit Blanche we created one of our most popular exhibits ever! It was called “Knit City”.

nb 2001

Then in 2010 there was this crazy concoction – we called it Knit Magic!

Nuit Blanche 2010, 1


This past year we made Salon Des Equreuils – or in other words – fancy, arty squirrels!

nuit blanche 2013

nuit blanche 2013


2012 was “She’s come Undone
It started out like this↓


…and then every hour we unraveled a layer of the doll revealing the knit doll beneath.  At the end of the night this is what was left↓


The very long scarf that is now the feature in our window was made from the yarn that was once these knit-Matroyshkas.

Last but definitely not least – Polar Bears!

polar bears

polar bears

Craftily yours

getting Misti!

That’s right! It’s Misti Alpaca!  One of the softest yarns you will ever touch – truely! In these days of demonic cold I look back on the day I bought my alpaca coat with a great deal of favour!  It is so warm! Alpaca is one of the warmest fibres and one of the lightest too.

The Misti Alpaca Chunky we just received, is a bit different then we’ve seen it before! Check it out – hand dyed alpaca!DSCN0005

Lake Superior




Winter Queen







If you’ve taken our Knit 101 class you have in hand the perfect pattern for this yarn.  If you have not taken this class you can find the pattern HERE. One skein will make a very warm toque.
The Hand Painted Misti Alpaca Chunky is $27 per skein, the solid colours are $18 each. A little bird tells me that prices are scheduled to rise soon, so this is a good time to squirrel some away.

Craftily yours

5 new classes starting this week!

Heads up folks!  We have some pretty special classes starting this week!

It’s crocheting adorable toys.  You can practice in class by making these sweet owls and learn techniques like 3D shaping and pattern reading so you can create more critters on your own.
Sunday March 2, 12:30-3pm, $32, materials not included

simply twisted 2
Cable Cowl Workshop
An introduction to cabling class, where you make this classy cable cowl!
Wednesday March 5, 6:30-9pm, $32, materials not included

baby blanket
Baby Blanket Workshop
Learn to recognize your knit from your purl and back again while you stitch away at this blanket.  Pattern reading is another key ingredient in this class curriculum. Bonus – you end up with a terrific blankie just in time for spring!
Thursday March 6, 6:30-9pm, $32, materials not included

baby sweaterSweater Design Class

That’s right – you can design your very own sweater.  You will use simply formulas to construct a top down raglan sleeve sweater to fit your own measurements. Cardigan or pullover – it’s your choice!
chunky cardi
Sweater Design Class
Saturday March 8, 15, 22, break, April 5, 10:30am-12:30pm, $100, materials not included.

needle felting
Needle Felting Workshop
No experience necessary! Transform fluffy fleece into 3D forms!
Sunday March 9, 12:30-3pm, $32, materials not included.


To register for classes, give us a call at 416 533 5648.

Craftily yours

mix and match

How about this wonderful project by Miss Edie Kim?

edie's cowlIt’s the Knit Cafe’s Mondo Neck Cozy pattern made with Madelinetosh ASAP and some delectable additions that come care of Koigu skeinettes

edie'e cowl 2

Edie is an excellent “maker of things”.  She is always quick to let inspiration take over and tinker with an idea till it becomes a one of a kind enterprise.
Her version of the Mondo Neck Cozy uses extra big Madelinetosh ASAP, which is a soft merino wool that is so comfortable to wear, and mixes it with a happy selection of mini skeins to add pops of colour and texture.

koigu mini skeins

Blending colours and textures by knitting with several strands of yarn held together is an easy and instantaneous way of creating a unique fabric.  It’s incredibly fun to do  and so straightforward a new knitter will be able to do it with neither fuss nor fighting.

koigu mini skeins

Edie blended a neutral with a selection of her favourite colours of mini skeins to amazing effect, but the possibilities of colour combos for this project are indeed endless!


Edie’s colour choice “Paper” is in amongst the small amount of the ASAP we have left on the shelves.  We also have a wonderful crop of Brown Sheep Burly Spun which includes this delicious sunshine colour called “Lemon Drop” (one of my personal favourites). Mix it up with your own crackle and pops of colour for your version of the Mondo Neck Cozy!


Mondo Neck Cozy Pattern

The Mondo Neck Cozy is a fast and easy project, but I encourage you to try blending colours and fibres in other future projects.  It’s a gas!

Craftily yours

Hooray for Maple Leaf!

Maple Leaf, the hand dyed colour from Madelinetosh that is. ↓

madelinetosh vintage

It a beauty, eh?

This gorgeous colour of Madelinetosh Vintage (which is a worsted weight, superwash, merino yarn) came with friends.  They just arrived on Friday!

madelinetosh vintage

On top: Bloomsbury
Middle left: Leaf, middle right: Nutmeg
Bottom left: Candlewick, bottom right: Maple Leaf again!

madelinetosh vintageTop left: Fragrant, top right: Tart
Bottom left: Manor,bottom middle: Thunderstorm, bottom right: Dr Zhivago’s Sky

madelinetosh vintageand a close up of Fragrant.

More friendlies came in the form of Madelinetosh Merino Light!

madelinetosh merino light

Top left: Ink, top middle: Tern, top right: Graphite
Bottom left: Baltic,bottom middle: Nebula, bottom right: Courbet’s Green

madelinetosh merino light

Top left: Weathered Frame, top middle: Antique Lace, top right: Molly Ringwald
Bottom left: Sequoia,bottom middle: Vermillion, bottom right: Pop Rocks!

madelinetosh merino lightOn top: Cove
Bottom right: Opaline, Smokey Orchid

madelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino light

and Fathom and Candlewick too!

Carla's StasisThis awesome sweater was knit by Carla, who graciously let me take pictures.  We spent a lot of time picking out the colours and I think a pat on the back is in order.  This is the Madelinetosh Merino Light in colours Antique Lace and Pop Rocks.

Carla's StasisThe pattern is Stasis by Brooklyn Tweed.

It’s a good time to start making your spring sweater in this light weight yarn! Spring will come one day!

Other Knit Cafe projects made with the Merino Light are the Big Wrap………………………………………….. and the Soho Scarf
big wrapsoho scarf3

So many possibilities…

Craftily yours