…and the award for the most inventive yarn-colour-names go to…

Indigo Dragonfly of course!
This yarn is beautiful enough! Browsing the colour names is just the added bonus.  Ponder names like “Slutty Thursday Afternoon Things” – it’s pink!

Since we have an excellent selection of unique skeins I will not be able to show you all the lovelies in this post, but here are some highlights.  ↓

indigo dragonflyfront- Is The Money Okay? Did They Hurt The Money?
back – The Impenetrable Apricot Forcefield

indigo dragonfly

left – Only The Exact Phrase I Used Was “Don’t”,
right- And Then Buffy Staked Edward. The End

indigo dragonfly

left -I’ve Never Been Up With People Before,
right- Lambada 3: It’s Tepid!

indigo dragonfly

left -Cyclones Of Anarchy,
right-Squid Vicious

Imagine matching the colour names to the feet in your life and you will have the perfect gift for some lucky someones.  This is sock weight yarn with a bit of nylon mixed into the merino for strength.  In addition it would make beautiful scarves, shawls and other light weight goods. This 356 metre skein is $26.

If you would like to put your Indigo Dragonfly yarn into use right away consider:

Sock Master Class
Saturday June 7, 14, 21, 10:30am-12:30pm
$76, materials not included.

Introduction to Socks Class 
Thursday July 3, 10, 17, 7-9pm
$76, materials not included.

See full descriptions HERE and call us to register 416 533 5648

Craftily yours


a sweater made from linen

I am not too shy to tell you that my favourite summer fibre is linen.  Not that there is anything wrong with cotton, but the rumpled sophistication of linen is tops in my books.  The impression that one just rolled out of bed but is still ready for a stroll along the Seine is the kind of contradiction I would love to let rule my life.

shibui linen sweater - lineal

Iwona knit this sweater out of the linen yarn we have from Shibui.  It’s simple, and yet somehow almost everyone who sees it wants to take it home. A light and breezy garment that’s easy to pull over a spring or summer dress fits the bill for most occasions.

shibui linen sweater - lineal

The knit fabric has a wonderful texture and a silky touch.

shibui linen

Our version of the Lineal Cardigan by Hannah Fettig took only 3 skeins of the Shibui Linen which has 225 metres and costs $15.

shibui linen

My pick for colour is “Brass”.  The very same shade as these chrysanthemums that seem to be blessed with longevity.  They are from our opening party which is now over 3 weeks ago.

shibui linen sweater - linealThe Lineal Cardigan is from a series of patterns by Hannah Fettig  for Quince and Co.  Check them out along with their other linen patterns HERE All the patterns that call for their Sparrow yarn will work with the Shibui Linen too.

 For more linen pattern ideas have a look at my post from a month or so ago.  It’s HERE.

Craftily yours




Sweet on Sweet Georgia Yarn

It is so great to look out the window and see green.  Not just any green but that distinct hue of greenery that is ubiquitous in the spring; that vivid, happy, living, breathing, bright, green. Sigh!
This skein of yarn from Sweet Georgia harnesses the power of green and mixes it with this punchy pink to make the springiest yarn you ever did see.  It’s called Snapdragon.

sweet georgia

This west-coast, Canadian, hand dyer seems particularly adept at preserving the essence of Spring-Time in their sunny colour-ways. We have a pretty batch of their DK weight superwash merino, which has a springy twist that is a match for the colour. A generous 234 metre skein is $24. Some are multicolour dye jobs like Snapdragon ↑

sweet georgia

and Sitka

sweet georgia

and Honey Fig

Some are effervescent tonal colours that can’t wait to become jumpers.  They tell me so from the shelves.

sweet georgia

Top left – Hush, right – Grape Jelly
Bottom left – Lucky, right – Riptide

sweet georgia

Top left – Black Plum, right – Tumbled Stone
Bottom left – Blood Orange, right – Saffron

sweet georgia

Top left – Mist, right -Raspberry
Bottom left – Cherry, right – Ultra Violet

If you’re not up for knitting a full-sized sweater, try a baby size.  After all this is superwash yarn, and spring does bring a shower of baby shower invitations in its wake. I am also moved to recommend this yarn for a baby blanket project like the one we knit up in our Beginner Knitting Baby Blanket Class (Monday June 16, 6:30-9pm), or our Beginner Crochet Blanket Class (Wednesday June 11, 18, 25, 7-9pm).

baby blanketcrochet blanket
To register for classes give us a call at 416 533 5648.

Craftily yours

Stripes in your socks put spring in your steps!

We are so happy to have some more Striped Turtletoes by Turtlepurl in the shelves.  This self-striping yarn is more fun than it has a right to be.

Just look at these colours!

turtlepurlfrom right to left: 1992, Bruised, and Nano


from right to left: Absinthe, Bah Humbug, Poison Apple


from right to left: Mystic Topaz, Cannonball, Derby

turtlepurlfrom right to left: Angry Bird, Bee Keeper, Trench Coat

Striped Turtle Toes is sold in two matching 50 gram skeins, dyed to match.  One skein will make a mitten, an arm warmer, or more typically a sock. The other skein will make it’s mate.  This is excellent sock yarn with 25% nylon in concert with the merino, for extra strength.


Turtlepurl was kind to send us some swatches that show off the stripes!


…and here is a finished sock, knit by Aurelie.  She wisely used some scrap black yarn as her heel and toe so as not to interrupt the self-striping pattern.  Another forward thinking knitter I know used an after thought heel technique on her Turtlepurl socks for the very same reason.

Striped Turtletoes would be an excellent yarn choice if you plan to join our upcoming advanced sock class.

Sock Master Class
Saturday June 7, 14, 21, 10;30am-12:30pm
$76, materials not included.
register by calling us at 416 533 5648.

Remember to make your swatch before class.  See details HERE.

You can read the full sock master class description HERE
Beginner Sock Class starts July 3rd

Craftily yours

Rug Hooking Workshop

Look at these cute fellows.  They’re by artist Ann Willey and they are rug hooked.

ann willey

It just goes to show, you can do so much with this craft.

I think many of us hold a dear place in our hearts for craft-work that was developed from thrift.  Rug hooking like quilting, seems to have been invented to make the most out of little resources.  The results of necessity to save and scrounge is anything but utilitarian.  The results are full of colour and joy, invested with visual and tactile memory. The results are rugs and bedspreads and so much more.

Join Maurie Todd here at the Knit Cafe for our Introduction to Rug Hooking Class. Bring your scrap yarn and some memories worth preserving.
Monday May 26th, 6:30-9pm,
$32, materials fee $15 for all supplies except yarn.
Call to register 416 533 5648

Craftily yours

A yarn fit for a Queen.

If you plan to get some stitching done this Victoria Day weekend, than I have a suggestion.  Look out for this delightful gem by Freia Handpaints.  It’s “ombre”, which means that you start with one colour and end with a totally new one with a graduated change in between, which is as I mentioned – delightful!

Even Queen Victoria would certainly be amused by these little bundles.  Nor would she pooh pooh a shawl knit or crocheted out of one of them, me thinks. Freia Ombre Lace yarn has 590 metres which is plenty for a shawl.  Check out ravelry for project inspiration, which is plentiful!
….and check out these DELIGHTFUL colour-ways.






These buddies are going fast!

Craftily yours

new shop = new classes

It’s the New Math!
…not really, but we are about to host our first Knit 101 and Crochet 101 classes in the new Knit Cafe class room here in the Roncesvalles Village.  It’s all happening this week!

These are our foundation programs in knitting and crocheting respectively. Novice knitters and crocheters practice their basics or lapsed crafters get a refresher course.  We so seldom get a chance to learn a brand new skill and it’s such a joy. Come join us this week.

Crochet 101crochet scarf
Wednesday May 14, 21, 28, June 4, 7-9pm


Knit 101
Thursday May 15, 22, 29, June 5

To register please call us at
416 533 5648, or come by and see us at 55 Roncesvalles Ave.

Craftily yours