Nuit Blanche 2010 “Knit Magic”

On October 2nd 2010 the Knit Cafe unveiled it’s contribution to Toronto’s Nuit Blanche.  This fantastic event brings spectators out on mass to gather and gawk at a city transformed by art.  From sun-down to sun-up, this all-nighter happens every year and is not be missed.

Moby Dick and the Onion Domes

The Knit cafe offered up “Knit Magic” for the night.  This exhibition explored the magic that is inherent in making things.  Knit and purl magic was stitched into a strange montage, a  kaleidoscope plush world.



bird land


cloud city

“knit magic” like most things at the Knit Cafe was a communal effort.

Onion Domes, Globe, Pirate Ship with Pirate Bears are by Iwona Gontarska

Bird Land was made by Maurie Todd

Many of these photographs come courtesy of Robbie Eddison, Robbie also made the pirate outfits that the bears are wearing.

Cloud City, Moby Dick and his Sand Castle in tow, are by Kristin Ledgett

The Ocean Floor was made by Kate Austin


2 responses to “Nuit Blanche 2010 “Knit Magic”

  1. Wonderful !!

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