Knitting at the Museum

The Knit Cafe is very excited to have an opportunity to create a unique knitting class just for the Royal Ontario Museum in .  The class curriculum was decided after a day wandering through the Museum’s rich and diverse collection in a search for inspiration.  Inspiration was found in abundance!  Eventually we settled on one piece from the collection to create a knit class around: The Baby Block Quilt by Laura Abigail Fuller.  This is a beautiful example of a sewn textile work, but the same principles of colour and design can be applied to a knitted piece.

This is a basic knitting class and open to participants with no prior knitting experience.  More experienced knitters will learn new and varied techniques for creating a patchwork designs. Learn how to design your own projects with attention to colour and yarn selection, and how to follow knitting patterns. Learn knit shaping techniques, seaming and other joining techniques for patch-working. Participants will be introduced to a traditional piece-by-piece method of making a blanket, as well as learning a blanket pattern made from circle components rather then squares, and also a mitered square blanket technique.

To register for this class follow the link below:

Knitted Quilt Project

January 23- February 27  1:00-3:00 (6 weeks)


One response to “Knitting at the Museum

  1. I have posted a pic today of<a href="; my three versions of the Groovy Scarf. i just love this pattern and can’t wait to knit one for myself. I keep giving them away.

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