Spin Doctors!

Hello Spinners (and wanna-be-spinners)

I have double good news!  Today at the Knit Cafe we received 18 colours of fleece.  Delectable colours of Corriedale Wool and soft and silky Merino fibres are now both on hand in abundance.  This will make all you felters a bit excited too I imagine. Check out this picture- these large bundles of joy are a kilo each in weight and feel like a big old baby when you carry them about ,taking up cuddly residence in your arms. We will redivide them into smaller bundles of joy so commitments to colour will be less intimidating.  For those of you who are looking for an excuse to snuggle up to these warm creatures you may want to considerer a few of the additions on our just announced Spring Summer Class Schedule.  Soon this new schedule will appear on our website, but the list is now available on location at the Knit Cafe.

On said-list is a Drop Spindle Class, geared to those who want to try their hand at spinning their own yarn, and our always entertaining Needle Felting Class. Descriptions and dates below:

Drop Spindle Class

Knitters know the beauty of handspun yarn.  Imagine being able to create your own.  Your own colour combos, your own weights and textures, one ply, two ply – it’s your choice.  This 3-part class will teach you to spin yummy fluff into yarn. No spinning wheel necessary- just a small portable tool called a drop spindle will be used to make your yarn.  Different fibres and methods will be described and experimented with in class.

Materials: Top Whorl Drop Spindle and Fleece of your choice.  All materials are available at the Knit Café.

3 sessions $80, materials not included

Sunday March 27, April 03, 10, 12-2pm

Needle Felting Workshop

Create 3 dimensional felt forms in this workshop.  Needle felting is a very satisfying way to make felt objects.  Like sculpting with wool fleece forms are created organically and with immediacy.  This workshop will demonstrate needle felting tools and techniques.  Students will work on their own felted forest creatures, miniature sized, and ready to be an ornament, a sculpture, or a toy.  Techniques can be applied to make any type of form including felted jewelry.

1 session, $30, materials not included

Materials: a variety of coloured wool fleece, felting needles in several sizes

Sun April 17, 12-2:30pm, 6:30-9pm

Along with the fleece came some stowaways.  Crisp and pearly skeins of Euroflax from Louet are here.  These 100 gram skeins are 100% linen! So cool to wear on a hot day, this fibre knows how to breath and gets softer the more it is handled and worn.  The Knit Cafe has two popular patterns made with Euroflax.  Check out

Feather and Fan Skirt


Lacy Linen Scarf


both of these patterns are available on Ravelry too.  Visit our Ravelry Page here: http://www.ravelry.com/people/torontoknitcafe


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