patchwork delight

On March 20th I was pleased to have a visit from some of the folks who took the class we hosted at the Royal Ontario Museum.  The class was called “Knitted Quilt Project” and I can’t say I could be more pleased with the results that came from this class and the very talented and enthusiastic students that participated in it.  Although it is true some of these knitters had been knitting away for years with experience abound, it is also true that some of them had not had the pleasure of any knitting experience.

Have a gander at what a little persistence and creativity can do!This mitered square project was made by Jane.  I love that one pink square!

Maude took Mitered Squares one step further and made this beautiful bag.  Made with yarn from her stash – the very pretty Noro – that changes colour and adds dimension to the squares.  With a bamboo bag handle from days gone by and a lining made from an old tea towel this project, Maude is delighted to say is 100% recycled material.Sanja’s work in progress is beautiful in blue.  She pretty much took the Stitch Dictionary by storm for this one. Jane has also started a classic Knit Cafe project.  The circle blanket!Heather is making this ever expanding log cabin blanket.  Featuring Dream in Colour yarn this is one dynamic blanket!

Thank you ladies for the show and tell!  If folks are interested in the Mitered Square Blanket pattern you can look for it here:

or the Circle Blanket here:

Or you can find them both on ravelry if you look for them on our page here:


3 responses to “patchwork delight

  1. Do you know where i can find the finished work of Sanja’s blue blanket? and what book and author did she get the patterns from? Have a great day and Thanks!

    • kristinledgett

      Hello Natalie, Sanja did not use a pattern. She picked out stitch patterns to try from a stitch dictionary and did swatches from them. This is a great way of learning a lot about different stitches with very little pressure. The finished swatches she planned to seam up into her own one of a kind blanket. You can see that all the swatches are different sizes and she just planned on making that work as she went. I don’t have a link to a finished product to pass on unfortunately. If we’re really lucky maybe Sanja will read this and share one.

      • I’m actually starting to make a patchwork knitting blanket myself, I hope sanja sees this so I can find out what book she used and the author of it. Thank you again. Its nice to make different swatches keeps the activity of knitting different and interesting. Have a great evening 🙂

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