look who came in from the cold!

A snowy day on Queen Street.  The walk to work was terrible due to ice pellets.

I felt all warmed up when I opened the package post marked from the Fleece Artist.  The box was filled to brimming with hand dyed treats from our Nova Scotian friends and from the Handmaiden too.Casbah! One of our most popular yarns! It is a soft and squishy cashmere blended sock yarn.  Also Fleece Artist Trail Sock, and just in time for spring-knitting (although it does not feel too springy today) 2 lace weight yarns: Mini Maiden, half and half silk and wool, and  Silk Lace (the name says it all) 100% silk. Wow! http://www.fleeceartist.com/I couldn’t help sharing this with you. We are so proud of our new tea pot shelf.  Now all our pretty teapots have a well deserved place of honor.


2 responses to “look who came in from the cold!

  1. Cant wait to make something with that beautiful lace weight Fleece Artist yarn!!!

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