march brings flowers

One of the perks of my job as Knit Cafe hostess is that people tell me things.  I have my ear to the ground and when people talk about yarn and patterns and knit tips they have taken to heart I listen and sometimes jot down notes (no lie)

Yesterday our Knit Cafe friend Ellen shared a new group of patterns she recently downloaded from  A collection of 5 patterns bundled together and sold for  $11.99USD.  Five shawl patterns that look like just the thing you would want this spring to liven up an outfit and show off some yarn you have fallen hard for. The collection is called “Be Mine” and is by Rose Beck.  You can find it here:

This shawl is called “Roses are Red”

This shawl is called “And So are You”

There are 3 more to choose from.  Imagine making one in something like this:Some of the new selection of Fleece Artist Trail Sock yarn and Handmaiden Casbah we received this week.

Check out more of Rose Beck’s collection on Ravelry

and have a look at what she has been up to lately on her blog


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