darn it all!

When last we spoke I was metering out advice on moth prevention, but what if the critters have already had their way with your favorite sweater and you are beside yourself with grief.  To you -poor unfortunate, I say “darn it”!This pretty picture comes from Craft Alert’s “For Keeps” a show about mending from 2010. You can find Craft Alert here

Darning! This age old preservation technique does come in handy. I preserved the life of my favorite pair of mittens through a whole other winter season with the help of darning.  Every time I looked at them I was extra happy. The feisty contrasting coloured yarn I chose to do the darning work was full of joy to me.
This  picture shows how to darn a heel of a sock using duplicate stitch. The picture comes from knitty.com who have a very good darning tutorial.  Have a

look here

I must admit that I was most inspired to write this darn blog posting when I discovered this example of a beautiful repair job.
This is from marthastewart.com and also has some very good darning instructions including helpful diagrams.

For those who have lofty aspirations take inspiration from this example of Dutch Darning. This sampler shows a practiced hand  showing off various darning stitches.You can purchase this vintage sampler from etsy.

For some more creative solutions for filling in  moth holes  have a look at this.  Pretty patches from thimble things
Crafty solution with needle and thread from Tsia Carson can be found in her book Craftivity.

This might be my favorite.  Use fleece and needle felting to fill holes with colourful touches.  You can see a fun video on how this is done at woolfiller.com. The Knit Cafe is having a Needle Felting Class coming up on April 17th.  To register for it, give us a call 416 533 5648.


2 responses to “darn it all!

  1. I think that you should have a 1 day darning/repairing class/workshop! I love that sweater with the fabric birds…… off now to make some little bird patches….

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