sneak peek

Only A few scant days and nights till the Knitter’s Frolic.  For those with knitted ears to the ground  I need not tell you what that is.  For others: The Knitter’s Frolic is an annual event in Toronto where knitters don’t stroll, nor gather, nor flock, no – they frolic!  A collection of yarn peddlers and pattern purveyors will be there, selling and kanoodling.  There  will be classes and workshops and door prizes and more.  It is this Saturday April 30th . You can find out more about it here

The Knit Cafe will be there.  We will be showcasing some truly gorgeous yarns and of course our trademark patterns. Come visit us cause we will have some new show and tell for you.  Several brand-spanking-new Knit Cafe patterns will be launched this fine day in April. Here are some pics to wet your whistle and some to keep you guessing.

When shopping and yarn gazing starts to wear you out come look for the Knit CAFE.  We will be there with caffeine filled hot beverages, flaky scones, sandwiches on fresh baked breads, brightly coloured salads, and sweet treats abound.  Rest your feet and fill your boots and frolic once more!


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