New KC patterns on Ravelry and a mitten-lining tutorial

The last week we have been busy getting our new patterns pdf-download-ready and we are happy to say they are now available as Ravelry Downloads.  Hooray!  Check out the Saturday Night Shrug, Confetti Mittens, Tedster, Chunki Cardi, and Chevron Rug!
These Confetti Mittens in black and white worsted weight  have a hemmed cuff. Perfect for putting in a mitten liner to make the mittens extra warm!  Here is how it is done:

You will need some fleece fabric about a quarter of a  yard, a pen (any old bic or sharpie will do) fabric scissors, some sewing thread, a few straight pins, and a sewing needle. Sewing machine optional.
Fleece is a great choice for lining a mitten as it is soft and warm and best it can be cut without finishing any raw edges.  Very little sewing required.  I lined these mitts without aid of a sewing machine but if you have one this project will go a bit faster.

1. Cut out your mitten to size.  Start by tracing around your mitt.  You don’t have to worry too much about neatness here, all marks will be on the inside. In length your mitten lining should be roughly the same as the knit mitt. In width err on the side of too wide making them just a wee bit wider then what you have traced.  This is because when your hand is inside you will want to stretch your digits sometimes and while knitting stretches – fleece does not.
Cut four copies of the mitt.
2. Sew two pieces together. If you are using a sewing machine a zigzag stitch very close to the edge is a good option, or you can hand sew the mitt pieces together with a running stitch or a blanket stitch.3. You don’t need to turn your work inside out just slip the liner into the mitt using your hand to squish it into place.  The selvedges will be inside the mitt. Once in place turn the knit hem over the liner.  Carefully (trying not to shift too much) turn the mitt inside out till you can see the end of your knit hem.  You won’t have to turn the whole thing inside out. Pin the hem in place attaching it to the lining. Only a few pins are necessary.4. You will need to hand sew this part.  I used the blanket stitch to secure the lining to the mitten.
Here is a tutorial for the BLANKET STITCH.  You will have to fogive that this is a mock up.  The mitten has already been sewn with a matching pink thread.  I will restitch it here using a contrasting and thicker thread.

First – secure the tread by knotting into the fleece behind the knit cuff.

Second – pierce the needle through the knit cuff  (just  a little beside and below where your yarn is attached) and catch some of the fleece underneath.  Have the needle come out right at the edge of the knit. 

Third- pull your needle, but before you pull the thread tight bring your needle up through the loop


Try putting your thread behind your needle before you pull through.  This will catch your thread for you and you won’t have to draw through your loop before pulling tight. This is a wee bit faster.

And that is the blanket stitch!

Craftily yours

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