first sweater

Coming up fast is the Knit Cafe’s First Sweater Class.  It starts June 6.  This class features one of the Knit Cafe’s most popular patterns “The Manos Jacket”. We think this is a perfect pattern for your first sweater project .  In some ways this pattern is just like a modified scarf, and we know you can knit a scarf.  It is a big rectangle with arms – and that is no joke!
Once knit you can model it in all sorts of ways.  Here’s Judy having a go at it:

Manos jacket shown from the front worn 2 different ways, and then…

another way- pinned high in the front, and a back shot.

Here the jacket is flipped around so what was the collar is now the body and vice-versa. So you can wear it like this, or like that.

The so-called “shawl” pin in the pictures in a brooch hand-made in Nova Scotia from the folks called River John.  We have a few in stock at the cafe.  A short double pointed needle used as a brooch is a nice alternative or try mixing the double-point with a bangle to make your own DIY shawl pin. 

Of course this pattern is on Ravelry too.  Check out all it’s other sides and angles on all the folks who have already made and posted the Manos Jacket there! 

First Sweater Class
June 6th, and 20th 7-9pm
Instruction is Free! Materials fee (for yarn only) $100
Call 416 533 5648 to register 


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