hip to crochet

I like Sarah London cause she is old school.  I’m not talking “vintage” or “retro”, with Martha Stewart style updates or on-trend refreshers, just good old fashion, tried and true, blue haired style.  The colours are the bright and cheerful gems of yesteryear when the granny square was king.

Just introduced is a fantastic pattern that she is featuring for free along with a sweet picture-tutorial.  The so-called “Wool Eater Blanket”  has popped up on ravelry in swoon worthy colour combos, with small versions categorized as pot holders and trivits.

In more crochet news: Olek (favorite crochet-art-superstar) is at it again.  She is embarking on a movie project!  This video is the teaser for it.  Give it a watch, and you will be rewarded with some provocative dance moves and some crochet too.

Craftily yours -Kristin


2 responses to “hip to crochet

  1. I would love insteuction pattern to the pillow and baby blanket shown

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