what a difference a yarn makes

Think back to June. Remember  when I enthusiasticly introduced the discover of the orange crush blanket. This yet to be released Knit Cafe crochet pattern is still in production and with pattern production comes pattern testing.  Here is Kate’s version of the blanket, as pretty as a garden in summer.  The green grass background  is made out of Handmaiden Casbah and Fleece Artist Trail Sock. Both are soft and dreamy sock yarns, both are washable.  Perfect for a baby blanket which this beauty is destined to be.
The flower centers are made from the bits and pieces of past projects that lay about in waiting.  In this case all powerful pinks: furry mohair, sock yarn, and boucle.  Kate tells me some angora may make an appearance soon. Sweet!
So nice to see the same project made in completely different materials.  The blanket Iwona is making is a much heavier weight (worsted) and made from solid coloured yarns (not hand dyes).

Another example of a project stitched with a difference is this Sexy Shrug.

Edie Kim and her shrug are the first to pass the finish line in the Sexy Shrug Knitalong! Edie’s shrug was stitched with a petal-soft coloured worsted weight so different then the colour we chose for our shrug which was earthy and deep.  the light as air colour-way really shows off the stitch pattern in the lace.  Love it!

Carte blanche is what you have when you make your own things.  A complete and utter artistic license.   Changing colour, texture, size and shape with whimsy or considered calculation leads to items of individualistic character. Vive la difference! 

Craftily Yours


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