well rounded

One door closes and another opens.
Today is the last day of the Knit Cafe’s summer sale.  I will be packing it all up in a short while. I will take down the signs and reshelve the yarn, but I am happy to take that sale sign down.  Happy – because I know it will be replaced with something lovely.  We are so lucky this month to have a guest artist to exhibit her work  in our Knit Cafe window. Keily Stewart is her name and felting is her game.
Pictures will follow at a later date of the exhibition itself but for now and for the next few weeks I thought I would devote some time to exploring the wonderful world of felt!
Expect some eye candy, some art, some DIY projects, and expect the unexpected. There is a whole big bad felt world out there and when I say “bad” I mean good, in a Michael Jackson-esque way.
For day one of felt fodder lets begin with the most simple of felt shapes: the sphere. Balls!
Pretty crafty wreath! Find it on Pickles with a little “how to” to go with. 

and here↑ a ball is transformed.  See how it is done in this tutorial on needle felting animal heads also from Pickles. Hooray for Pickles!
For ones more sophisticated side you might want to try this↑
This trivet under teapot  provokes imaginings of chilly, white, bright mornings in a homey Swedish abode full of birch wood and white paint, colourful ceramics and of course felt.
There is a tutorial for this project too. Have a look and see at the Purl Bee .

More felt fun to come.  Till then-
Craftily yours


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