Felt Finale

Yes – this is my last felt post.  For now – that is!  There is much too much to blab about to stop entirely.  
Today I will focus on a few felty functional finds for the home 
This felt rug is made from left over bits of yarn.  What a great way to use those strays that just take up space in the yarn basket.  Combine them together and add some elbow grease and look how pretty they can be! You can find more info about this rug here.

Your whole home can be a rock garden if you add some of these very convincing felt (or are they stone?) stools. You can buy them here if you think you are short on the elbow grease it might take to make one yourself.

When I first saw these images of Dana Barnes work in a New York Times article I was blown away!  Roving is crochetted and then felted together to make these amazing floor cushions.  She makes rugs too and other fantastic things.  The scale is a thing to behold.  Look at the size of that crochet hook!
 In case you forgot, in only a weeks time you can learn the ways of felt in a workshop at the Knit Cafe.  Keily Stewart- the creator of the King of Beasts that is currently hanging in the Knit Cafe’s window is teaching a felt-making class here. We are stoked to learn how the heck you mold and shape fleece into slippers  like these.

Felt Slipper Class
Thursday August 18, 6:30-9pm
@ The Knit Cafe 1050 Queen St. West, Toronto.
$30 plus materials
There will be a small materials fee for a felting kit of $2.75. Students will also need 4oz of roving which the Knit Cafe has stocked in an abundance of colours.
Call to register 416 533 5648

Just to get you in the mood↓
 Look at those cute felted feet I found in this Japanese Felt Book

That’s all the felt that fits to print (for now)
Craftily Yours


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