the buzz

Sometimes – and who can say why, knitters will be drawn to a project like bees to honey.  

Our friend Kim has started her beekeeper’s quilt.  A basket of knit biscuits are the evidence.  She is going for a full sized bedspread and if her progress to date is any indication then she will achieve this goal in record time. She is not the only knitter I know who has embarked upon this same journey. This pattern, just published in July has spawned over 500 projects on ravelry already.  It seems we are all helpless drones under the spell of this blanket.

This is an unlikely project in some ways to be crowned Queen.  This is no quick knit!  Hundred of bits and pieces must be made and then assembled to make this blanket, but the sweet allure of the final product seems to be too seductive to resist.
If the surface is scratched, there may be other reasons why the beekeeper’s blanket has become so popular.  In the words of the auteur, Stephanie from Tiny Owl Knits  this blanket wins bragging rights for:

Beeing made from leftover scrap sock wool

Beeing  puffy & double sided, and therefore needing no lining

Beeing fun to make

Beeing  knit in the round

Beeing accompanied by a video blog, a tutorial and colour charts

Beeing portability!

Beeing well suited to “in-between times” -while waiting in lines, waiting for dinner, talking to friends, in the car etc.

Beeing  a pattern with an easy and quick method of assembly

There are many beautiful pictures of this quilt, but this is my favorite.  Just look at the cat!  It also shows off the back side of the blanket.  All the pieces are knotted together in an easy fashion that resembles old fashioned sewn quilts, held together with well spaced, decorative and functional ties. This technique no doubt bolstered many whose resolve first faltered at the thought of seaming all those little treasures together. One thing a knitter loves to hear is “no seaming required”!
I expect more and more folks I know will show up at the Knit Cafe with their own baskets of honeycombs soon.  Will you be one of them?

Craftily yours


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