when thoughts turn to Iceland

For some time now I have been collecting images and imaginings connected with our Nordic neighbours -Iceland.  I have been saving these findings to one day put in a blog posting for you all to see.  I had not planned that posting to be today.
Today would be a good time to write on the score of Noro yarn that I just retrieved for the Knit Cafe, but today I am not writing about that.  I am not writing about that because I am at the cottage.  I have no Noro with me to take glorious pictures of and this lack of inspiration is quite a wet noodle.  Instead what I have is my ears full of  lake water and the splendor of the Canadian Shield to contend with. With this as my compass I can’t help but recall a video that was recently sent my way, and it is this video that makes this blog posting on Iceland timely.  Just released- it is. Have you all seen this?

Watch it. You won’t be sorry.  It is the new video by Bon Iver, one of my favorite musicians.  Warning: you may be tempted to jump on a plane and cast off your past life.  You may also be tempted to grab your knitting needles.  See those socks! Notice the sweater! Wow!

now see this sweater!

A perfect example of a tradition from Iceland that is still going strong and remains charming and practical too.  Icelandic sweaters made warm and water resistant from it’s wool full of the lanolin from the countries hearty sheep. This pic came from here, which links to other treasures including Lopi knit patterns.
Icelandic mittens with a traditional motif, also timelessly stunning. You can find the pattern here  along with other Icelandic knits.

you can not find these patterns anywhere

You can see them and buy them too if you track down Vik Prjonsdottir – knitwear provocateur and Icelander. His creative concoctions feature this knit seal pelt (on the left) that takes inspiration from an Icelandic myth where humans take the shapes of seals. If you visit this website I promise you will have some fun looking at the amazing creations of this man. His dreamy outlook is unique.
I would love to hear all about your icelandic adventures and/or longings – knit related or otherwise.  I feel I am only scratching the icy surface here, more Icelandic dreaming is surely to follow

From Bear Island
Craftily yours


One response to “when thoughts turn to Iceland

  1. for about three or four years now, i’ve had the dream of one day retiring in iceland. i have a small collection of icelandic wool yarn which i use barely ever ’cause i love the stuff so much! i’ve never been there but there is something that tells me i should rest my tired old bones there 🙂

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