everything is coming up cashmere…

…and that is not a bad thing!
I am not upset that every box of yarn that has come through our door in the last week is laced with the good stuff.  Cashmere is the Platinum, the Cadillac, the Cary Grant of yarn fibres. In other words – it is the best!  For example try Casbah. A sock yarn with a hit of cashmere hand dyed by Handmaiden in a delicious blend of colours.  Tempting to just take them home and pet them and gaze at them lovingly.

And then there is Dream in Color  who has gone and  added cashmere to their”Smooshy” sock weight yarn.  As a result Smooshy is feeling a little extra smooshy – if you know what I mean.  They have also added an array of new hand dyed colours: Electric Mauve, Peacock Shadow, Twilight Lime, Wicked Royal. Dramatic names like these ones have spawn deep and highly saturated colours.

Also new at the Knit Cafe this week are patterns from Knitbot.  This wonderful designer is the lady who brought us the Wispy Cardigan pattern.  Who would of thought a lace weight cardigan would become so popular? We have several additional sweater patterns from her now.   Two of these are childrens patterns that span the size gap all the way from babyhood to teenagedom.

The Calligraphy Cardigan and the Effortless Cardigan

Wispy Cardi and the Contented Cardigan

Sock Yarn Sweater and Yoked Cardigan

Big thanks goes out today to Bobby.  His help was needed and very appreciated at the Kitchener Waterloo Knitting Fair on Saturday.  We couldn’t have done it without him.  What a guy! Hooray for Maurie too who let us park our big truck at her house.  I hope your tree stump is ok.

Craftily yours


2 responses to “everything is coming up cashmere…

  1. please post pictures from the day. wish I was there 😦

  2. OMG! The tree stump showed up out of no where .. i swear.

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