not just for socks

Hand dyed sock yarns by Lorna’s Laces in solid colour ways.  It takes a while to get Lorna’s Laces. From ordering to delivery it is usually about 4 months.  It is always worth the wait.  The last time we got a shipment of solid dyed colours our supplies depleted rapidly.  Lorna has her fans.  Her sock yarn is wonderful to knit with and wears like iron thanks to the 20% nylon mixed in with the washable merino.
The name “Shepherd Sock” may imply socks is what this yarn is good for and although this is true, I am thinking mittens.  Fair Isle mittens are one of my favorite things and I enjoy inventing colour combinations that I might adopt to this purpose. Here are a few ↓Left: Grand Street Ink with Chagrin.
Top: Firefly with Charcoal.
Bottom right: Natural with Patina

And here are a few patterns that peak my interest↓

Clockwise from top left: Polska, Swedish Fish, Warm Woolen Mittens, Squirrel Sampler Mittens, Chrysanthemum, Latvian Mittens.

Just need to pick some colours
Craftily yours


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