night owls to take over the knit cafe! read all about it!

Nuit Blanche comes but once a year.  It takes about that long to come up with a project worth doing and then to execute with crafty conviction.
For those who are not familiar: Nuit Blanche is an arts festival that  is celebrated in many cities around the world.  It began in Paris, hence the frenchie name and for the last 5 years Nuit Blanche has been part of the cultural life of Toronto too. This year on Saturday October 1rst the city will be taken over by all manner of artistic endeavors.  The fun doesn’t start till 6:59pm  and won’t end till sunrise (approximately 6:59am) so eat your Wheaties! See the Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche web page for details about the event.  See below for a preview of the Knit Cafe’s plans for the night.
Stitch wizards  have been crafting these little buddies!  They will take center stage for the Knit Cafe’s 2011 Nuit Blanche exhibition called Tecolote (the spanish word for owl).  These night owls were created by a host of talented folks.  In the picture the one on the left was made by Iwona and the one on the right was made by Ray.  Ray’s owl was knit in Noro Silk Garden.  I think I may have let loose a squeal when I saw him for the first time, but can you blame me?  He is going home with Iwona so don’t get any ideas …but I digress.

Ray’s owl and his owl friends will be celebrating the Day of the Dead starting Oct 1 at 6:59pm.  You will have to come by and see exactly how this is done but until then here is another sneak peak into our preparations.
 Mexican Paper Flowers made from bright colours of tissue paper!  Yesterday there was even more paper arts then needle arts at the Knit Cafe.  Many happy flowers were assembled for the big night (this coming Saturday).  Thank you to all who came and helped out!  Cameron was especially helpful as you can see.If you would like to make your own tissue paper flowers, and you might as they would be a great project to do with kids or with kids of all ages, and they would bring joy, joy, joy to any party planners heart!  There are some good tutorials here and here.The Knit Cafe will be open all night long on the night of October 1.  Come join us and see our knit installation; bring your knitting and stay a while.  Coffee and treats will be served all night to boost endurance.  If you are not available to come and see us during Nuit Blanche you will be able to check out Tecolote on your own schedule.  It will be our window display for October into November.

If you would like to know about the Knit Cafe’s Nuit Blanche exhibitions past have a look at Knit City, Cirques des Hiboux and Knit Magic, unfortunately there are no pictures available from our Late Great Pom Pom Event from 2007, but maybe that is really for the best.  Some things are just too fluffy to document.

Till soon
Craftily yours


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