Nuit Blanche countdown

Only 2 more sleeps till the night of no sleep.

Get your knitting projects ready for a knitting marathon.  If you so choose you could knit from sundown to sunup this Saturday Oct 1 at the Knit Cafe.  We will be open for an evening of arts and crafts.  It is Nuit Blanche 2011! Our knit art exhibit will be opening at 6:59 pm.  We will be closed for a few hours before hand for set up, so try not to stop by between 5pm and 7pm.
If hands tire over the night you may want to spend some time with these↓
Free! What? 
Yes , free to those who have the chutzpah to sift through the plenty to find  just the right sort of buttons for their project. Thank-you’s go to Kate for donating some of her collected buttons

What is this?

This is what you would see if you wandered into our basement today.  It is the result of a day spent lumbering with power drills and paintbrushes.  It is the shoulders that will bear the weight of our entire Knit Cafe Nuit Blanche extravaganza. Here’s hoping that it remains stalwart and true. It is a long night.

You are cordially invited.

Craftily yours


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