maple syrup?

The 2 more boxes in question have arrived!

I would like to say that Madeline Tosh is like crack for knitters.  I would like to say this, as this delightful yarn is addictive, enticing, and coveted. However this comparison is not exactly what I am after.  I do not wish to imply that knitters are losing their day jobs, stealing from their Grannies, and working the streets for just one more skein.  I prefer to find a more wholesome simile.  Unfortunately most of the things I am generating are of the bad apple sort, most addictive things seem to be bad for you.
My favorite so far is Madeline Tosh is like maple syrup for knitters.  Maple syrup being a healthful alternative to sugar and something I personally  can not get enough of.  Still I am unsatisfied.  Maple Syrup comparisons I think should be withheld for Canadian references only.  Any helpful suggestions are encouraged.

Madeline Tosh Pashmina – merino/silk/cashmere
Madeline Tosh Vintage – superwash merino
Tosh DK- superwash merino

Craftily Yours


One response to “maple syrup?

  1. I got some of the vintage muted turquoise .. and its amazing!!! Knits like a dream … money well spent!

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