pumpkin time

There might be still time to make one of these for the trick or treater in your life. Our felted pumpkin bag pattern is a pretty fast knit.  The mouth and the eyes are made by knitting a square with black yarn, felting it in the washing machine, and then cutting the shapes from the flat piece.  You can personalize your pumpkin to taste, change its grin or eyes, maybe ask the ghoul or goblin who will be the carrier for their input too.

Our friend Maurie gave us some of these beautifully hand crafted mugs made especially for us as a gift.  They fit your hand so well and are so lovely to sip from.  Each is hand painted so each is a little different. All of them say “The Knit Cafe” and have a gorgeous, painted skein of yarn that adorns them. The good news is now we have a few more that are available for you to take home. The ceramic mugs are by Thomas Aikens and Kate Hyde and are $45 each.

Pumpkin day is fast approaching – I wonder anyone is knitting their costume this year. Something like this maybe. Let me know.

Felted Wig by sweetjaynecouture and handknitted baby shark sleeping bag costume by The Miniature Knit Shop

Craftily Yours,


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