patterns for a sunny Saturday

Just in this week at the Knit Cafe:
Brand new patterns and booklets = more stuff to knit!

You might remember this project from blogs past.  This amazing stash-busting project makes quick work of all your left over bits of sock yarn.  Make teeny little pillows and join them all together in a no fuss – no muss – no sewing technique and Voila – cutest blanket ever! Then get your cat to sit on it and take a picture. The Beekeeper’s Quilt!

This adorable stuffy is named Elijah.  This Hooded Scarf is made wee size for toddlers and small kiddies.  Also adorable!

Kerrera for kids is a hooded button up number with fetching details.  Best news ever it fits 3-6 months to to 12 years old. Nice!  Next to it is the famous felted French Press Slippers.  I made a bunch of these last year for Christmas.  They turned out great and were easy to whip up.  Some notes for a variation that are a bit more manly (after the slippers I made for my Dad) can be found here.

Some new booklets from some of our favorite designers are now filling out our shelves.  Welcome back Ysolda Teagues’ Whimsical Little Knits 1 and Whimsical Little Knits 2, and also Stephen West’s West Knits 2.  These fingerless gloves are from West Knits 2, but there are 10 more fantastic patterns included in this book.

Little Red in the City is the new book by Ysolda Teagues, and make no mistake this is a full BOOK. The sweater patterns are sized from small to robust which is very refreshing, but what is also worth mentioning is how much useful and (may I say) intriguing knitter’s tips are in this publication.  Like how to make one-row button holes.  What? Or 3 different methods to do short rows.  How to get rid of the wobbly stitches that sometimes happen when you do ribbing. Also detailed notes on how to fit a sweater to fit you.  Are you  intrigued yet?

Craftily Yours


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