The 6 weeks of Xmas (Knit-Style) Part 1

Last year I started a tradition.
In the Knit Cafe’s newsletter just about 6 weeks before Christmas I started bombarding folks with emails.  One a week.  Each email containing many splendid ideas of what one might knit if one had the inclination to knit Christmas gifts for some of the near and the dear.  I thought I would share some of these thoughts with y’all too – dear blog readers.
So here is part 1 of The 6 Weeks of Xmas entitled “Hipster Scarves”

The Hitchhiker scarf is actually part of a series of 4 scarves.  All of them are knit in garter stitch, all of them asymmetrical.  Each has a slightly different trim, scalloped or ruffled, or eyeleted. The elongated triangular shape of this scarf makes it easier to tie up then many triangular shawls.  The garter stitch will make it a bit faster to knit.  You can download the scarf here: for 2.50 EUR.  It is a beginner-ish/ intermediate pattern!

This is a pattern that combines two of the trends of the moment into one stylish item.  Blended are the triangular bandana scarf and the circular neck warmer. Presto /chango – the Bandana Cowl!  You can find this pattern on the purl bee website for free. Also a beginner-ish/ intermediate pattern!

The Smooth Edge – I think I love this cowl.  It is a long one so you can do a double wrap.  The stitch pattern is varied along its length. The patterning on this neck warmer resembles traditional woven herringbone and simple textured knitting. Skinnier at the back then the front this is made to be a comfortable fit. An Intermediate pattern by Veera Valimaki it is available for 2.50Eur here:

Similar in feeling is the Honey Cowl by Madeline Tosh.  Also a double wrapper, this cowl has the same simple pattern stitched throughout.  It is made gorgeous by employing Madeline Tosh yarns, which I highly recommend you do if you make this one.  The recipient will certainly thank you (especially when she throws it nonchalantly in the washer at the end of the chilly season, this yarn is Superwash). You can get this pattern for free here:

Summer Flies designed by Donna Griffin is written for worsted weight yarn.  I have seen it knit in lace weight and in fingering weight, which leads me to believe that DK and sport may also be on the table as options for this crescent-shaped shawlette.  I have also been told that this is a pleasure to knit.  It is a pattern that gathers no moss and rolls from one stitch pattern to another resulting in a no-pattern-fatigue outcome. Make this pretty shawl for the nostalgic, sentimental types on the knit-list. This is a more advanced pattern, find it for free here:

Good for a boy, good for a girl.  It’s Pavement! It is a reversible cable scarf. We have the pattern by Jared Flood here at the Knit Café for $6.50.  Made with worsted weight yarn, this is an intermediate level pattern. You will have to read a cabling chart, but it’s a short one (only 4 rows).
Ingenious!  It’s a hat! No- it’s a scarf! No- it is Howlcat! and it is both.  Also available in sizes for the small ones on your list as well as the full sized.  …and another thing – this is a reversible item.  So you can choose two colours and have even more ways to wear your Howlcat. Amazing! Intermediate kntters can find this pattern here: for $5.50.

A free Knit Café pattern called the Soho Scarf can be found on our blog.  It is one of the oh-so-popular triangular-shaped scarves.  It is striped, so you can pick out two colours instead of just one which is double the fun.  This is a pretty simple pattern so give it a go.  Check out the Madeline Tosh Merino Light as an option to make your Soho Scarf.  It is delectable.

Happy knitting folks.  Tis the season! For real now.
Craftily yours

One response to “The 6 weeks of Xmas (Knit-Style) Part 1

  1. Wow, all the collections of scarf really look amazing and I love the Hitchhiker scarf which is knitted in unique way. Thanks for the share! Keep posting!!

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