mittens for everyone (part 2 of the 6 weeks of Xmas)

Hello all.  Welcome to installment two of the 6 weeks of Xmas.  This week – week 5, we are  featuring mitten patterns.  Mittens are (I think) one of the most fun things to knit.  Fun to receive as gifts too. What says “I love you” more than a soft and cozy pair-o-mitts?  Don’t know how to make mittens? No problem- our Mitten Class still has a few spaces left.

Mitten Class
Mon Nov 21, 28, 7-9pm
Call to register- 416 533 5648

These mittens have no thumbs! This is not a design defect.  Although babies have thumbs, they don’t find it necessary to have a separate compartment in their mitts for them.  Go figure! This makes it all even easier for you (the knitter). No fuss, no muss, no thumbs! The Stay Put Mittens has a dense ribbed cuff and draw strings so that (as the name implies) the mittens stay on the hands where they belong.  There is even a cord connector so no mitten will be left behind. This is a beginnerish-intermediate, free of charge pattern found here:

The Confetti Mitts are just about the easiest colour-work pattern you will ever do.  The stitches are slipped instead of carrying the yarn so you are only using one colour at a time. Really! Use 2 colours of Noro like we did here for amazing results, or choose 2 yarns without colour variation for more classic results.  There is a tutorial on how to line a mitten that goes along with these mitts, you can find it here.  The lining however is purely optional. Sized for children and women’s and men’s sizes too!
This pattern is a Knit Café pattern.  You can get it at the store or here:   for $5.  It is for intermediate knitters.

The Snapdragon Mitten by Ysolda Teagues have flip-tops! You can get this pattern at the Knit Café sold on its own for $6 or as part of the designer’s book Whimsical Little Knits Two.  There is a matching tam in this book and a bunch more things you will have trouble resisting knitting immediately (if not sooner) – a hedgehog, a slouchy hat, and some pretty wrist warmers, to name a few. This is a more advanced pattern.

Two patterns from one of my favorite designers: Brooklyn Tweed.  Strago are some beautiful colour worked mittens in a Fair Isle technique.  As you can see they suit men as well as the ladies and are sized accordingly too.
Also from Brooklyn Tweed and just-arrived, are the Flint Mittens.  We got some amazing sweater patterns this week too, so look for them in our pattern binders. These lovely cabled mittens have an interesting braided trim.  Mens and womens sizes too
Both of these patterns are intermediate/advanced and are available at the Knit Café for $6.50 and $8.50 respectively.

For more advanced colour work mittens you could do no better than these Chrysanthemums Mittens.  Find them here:  for free!

If you are running short of time try the Bella Mitts.  Yes – that Bella! The series Twilight, if nothing else, has brought us a lovely mitten pattern. They are made with chunky wool.  So they knit up pretty darn quick. Extra-long cuffs are nice too.  Find this intermediate pattern for free here:

That’s all for mittens but to make them.
Craftily yours


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