sock love (part 3 of the 6 weeks of Xmas)

Sock Love! Or part 3 of our 6 part series. 

First things first – LoveSocks! These socks are amazingly cute in my humble opinion and the pattern is free!

This time of year any discussion around socks will have to include Christmas Stockings.  If you want to get a lot of loot put this stocking up by the fire place.  It is huge! It is even bigger when you first knit it and then you shrink it in the washer to make felt. So it is not only big, it is sturdy too. The bulky yarn makes it quicker to knit.  A pattern for more advanced knitters, but if you can make a regular sock you can knit this too. The pattern is available at the Knit Café or here:

Most sock pattern are for more experienced knitters, but here is a good pattern for a first timer. Yoga Socks takes the work out of sock making.  No heel to knit, no toe to knit either.  This pattern is available for $5 from the Knit Café or here:

You could argue that legwarmers are not socks but why?  Not when face with gam-cozies that come without the complicated knitting of  toe and  heel!  Let’s face it -legwarmers are easier to knit.  Try Fyne, this pattern is available at the Knit Café for $5.  This beginnerish/intermediate cable-icious pattern is made with DK or light worsted weight yarn.
If those don’t quite fit the bill, then try this Alpaca Sox Legwarmer pattern.  They look like fancy knitted socks sticking out from inside your boots.  They are knit with sock yarn and there are so many gorgeous sock yarns to choose from.  Find this intermediate pattern for free here:
If you still have some sock yarn left you can make legwarmers for the baby in your life too.  I know it sounds a bit crazy, but legwarmers on babies is a good idea.  No need for pants if you have a pair of these, and diaper changes are a breeze.  Most sock yarns are washable too. What a good gift!  Find the Baby Leggings pattern at the Knit Café or here:   .   A beginnerish pattern, if you know how to work double pointed needles then you will have no problems with these.

Owls are still the motif of the moment.  Case-in-point: these adorable Owlsocks. While you are perusing these sweet foot warmers, take a look at Spilly Janes other patterns.  She has a way with mittens too. This is an advanced pattern. Buy it here for $6:

George –the Sock Monkey cup cozy! All of your friends will have the cutest take away cups ever if only you will give this pattern a chance.  It is a free one, so there is not much to lose.  Also a cup cozy uses little to no yarn so this present is high on the thrifty scale. A beginnerish/intermediate pattern found here:—sock-monkey-cup-cozy

So sock it up my friends
Craftily yours


2 responses to “sock love (part 3 of the 6 weeks of Xmas)

  1. I have been knitting for years and have never knit a pair of socks. Every time I see some I think I must give that a go. You are giving me more inspiration now. I love the leg warmers too. I think I may have to invest in the Yoga sock pattern and get myself started on the sock knitting trail!
    Great post.

  2. OMG — I love those heart on the heel socks! Ray needs to make them for me for Christmas 🙂 Give him the hint, okay? lol
    Love the legwarmers too…..

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