christmas wrap up

I started late on the Christmas gift knitting.  3 weeks into November and I hadn’t even begun. What happened next was a great surprise to me.  I flew through all the projects planned and added on a few more with time to spare.  Rest assured I still went to work and did my errands and participated in the holiday hoopla, in other words I did not feel slaved to my needles.  The whole thing went off without a hitch and I was super self satisfied. The moral of the story: it is never too late!

Here are the results of all my toil (now that the gifts have been distributed I feel safe sharing) and also what Iwona made for her holiday gifts.
Not one, but two Madeline Tosh Honey Cowls made with the amazingly delicious Madeline Tosh DK (the top in colour “Clematis” the bottom in “Fathom”). I did the larger double wrap version of this cowl which used 2 balls of yarn a piece.  There is also a tighter fit version that is made with only one skein. A joy to knit, and an excellent TV watching project.

This very manly toque is fetchingly called Jacques Cousteau.  A lovely ribbed hat with a swirled decrease comes as a free pattern.  I made it in decadent 100% cashmere by Handmaiden in basic black. Beside it are some Yoga Socks I made for my Mom – this is a Knit Cafe pattern.  I made them from hand dyed Fleece Artist Trail Sock,  a merino and nylon mix – soft and durable!

I was so happy to get to make these mittens again.  They are my most favored knit item in my wardrobe.  They are like fashionable pillows I wear on my hands to keep out the wind chill.  For my friend’s Hounds Tooth Mitts (pattern available at the Knit Cafe)  I used fantastic Manos Maxima Merino in the soft aqua colour called “Martha” and in Malabrigo worsted in “Frank Ochre”. The combo I find decidedly pleasing. They feel amazing!

This wee cardi was a gift for our new friend baby Lyle from Iwona.  She made it up; so no pattern yet, but keep your eyes peeled for it cause you never know it may show up.  The heart was added with duplicate stitch which has become a new love of Iwona’s. Made with Madeline Tosh Merino Light– this sweater is luminescent.

Another original by Iwona. This one is a bigger size and made with Madeline Tosh Pashmina.

Close up of both.  The back of the Pashmina is customized with a peace sign.

These two iconic chapeaux were made by Iwona, but I copied and made a third.  A perfectly classic toque in honor of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  This pattern was made up from here and there with a little of this and a little of that.  Details will follow my friends!
…so that is that, and a whole lot besides.
It is never too late.

Craftily yours


3 responses to “christmas wrap up

  1. Thank you, ladies, once again, for your continued inspiration and great examples of living the knitterly life.
    Knitting is zen and makes for some great meditation time. Myself, I think I’m on a blanket/throw kick, hoping that this year I can make blankets for the people I love. In 2011, I made 2, so my goal this year is 3. Happy Knitting!
    Anne Kennedy

  2. Beautiful, as always. Just wondering if the details of the Maple Leaf hats would be up soon- they would be just perfect for the cold spell we’re having in Europe! Thanks and Happy Knitting!
    Rachel & Vera

    • Funny you should inquire about that hat. I am in the process of writing up the details and you should expect to see them soon. Maybe in a week or so. Hope you are finding ways to keep warm.

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