rug it!

Hello folks,
Coming up real soon, specifically next Monday January 30th and February 6, we are offering The ZigZag Crochet Rug Class.  There are several spectacular things about this class in my opinion.
1. You make your own rug which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

2. You learn how to create a zigzag stitch which can be applied to any ol’thing.  I have collected this fashionable home picture as inspiration for an afghan I would like to make one day.

3. This rug you make is not made with yarn.  It is made with fabric.  You learn a whole other technique of cutting and attaching fabric strips together to make “yarn” for your project.  Recycled fabrics like bed sheets are encouraged as materials.  The resulting rug is extra thick, and extra strong – just what you would like a rug to be.

This kitty-cat-charming picture came from a crafty website called flight of the pook whose auteur has made this lovely rug employing fabric scarps and crochet.  Just goes to show the diversity possible in such a technique.  The cats seem to like it too.
This two evening class is $50 on January 30 and February 6, from 7-9pm at the Knit Cafe, 1050 Queen St. West.  Call 416 533 5648 to register.

Craftily Yours


One response to “rug it!

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I highly recommend this project to your readers and class-goers. I’ve had so many people email me because of that rug tutorial and everyone seems to love it. Even gals who have never crocheted in their life picked up a hook and had no problem whippin up a gorgeous rug of their very own. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy, knowing that. ❤ (I'm doin' a Readers' Rug share post soon of all the pictures people have sent me if you're interested too. 🙂 ) Good luck with your class!

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