big red!

So the big-love day is coming up, and although we may not all pay heed to this “holiday”, most days are good days to tell someone you love them.

Four years ago now, I submitted this pattern to the illustrious online knit magazine Knitty. This Canadian institution is a great place to find free and fantastic patterns (but I digress).  Since the publish date of this pattern 559 knitters have made it (ravelry statistic). 
I feel great about this pattern.  Like a hug I sent out to the universe that keeps multiplying as folks make their hearts and then give them away.  I receive notes.  They tell me that hearts have been passed on to heart-transplant recipients, or friends who have had surgery on their tickers, they have been given to friends and lovers too.
If you would like to make a heart and wear it on your sleeve.  The Knit Cafe has a mini version of the heart pattern that would look lovely as a lapel pin.  Find it here

You can never have enough friends.  You could make some new ones or show you’re appreciation to old favorites with this project from the Purl Bee. There, you will find a great tutorial on how to make these Heart Friendship Bracelets

Happy February 14th, no matter how you spend it.
Craftily yours

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