leaping along

Leaping Lizards! – an extra day in February!
Given the choice most of us would pick another month to squeeze in an extra day. Maybe May or August would rank higher on the popularity meter. Still we are not the choosers and February it is. So far, my February 29th is a reminder that we do in fact still live in the Great White North where the weather is something to be reckoned with.  On my walk to work today with ice pellets assaulting my face I was glad that I was made with the sterner stuff of a born and bred. Also glad to be surrounded by several layers of wool.
It seems like we still need some warm things for a while.

Do you know about Quince and Co?
It seems as though I am being led back to this sight again and again.  They have beautiful patterns (like this amazing cabled scarf) and excellent photographs to show them off.  They are a company that is well branded, once you become aware of them you can tell a Quince and Co style from across a darkened room and around the corner. Have some fun looking over this site.  You will come away with lots of inspiration and maybe a pattern or two.

Craftily Yours


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