momentous minis

It feels like my birthday. 
It is not.
What it is, is the Knit Cafe’s 100th blog post!  WordPress has a wonderful way of keeping track of these things and telling me so.  I am pretty jazzed that on such a momentous occasion  I have some pretty special news to share.
Iwona and I have been busy with the power drill. Here are the fruits of our labor↓

We had some help from Koigu Hand Dyed Yarns too!

or skeinettes, as Koigu calls them: 10 metres of hand dyed merino wool, made in Canada, $3 each.  I can think of many an application for these little beauties.  I will start compiling a list to share with you all.  For now I am satisfied to just gaze at them across the room.  They have been, and remain adorable to me.
Let’s look at them again↓

and again↓

 …and… what the heck! – again↓

Craftily yours

4 responses to “momentous minis

  1. Beautiful!!

  2. These would be great for an entrelac garment or hat, I’m thinking. Hmmm. Workshop?

  3. There’s a sock pattern that is knit in hexagons and each shape is knit in a different yarn – though I don’t think I am brave enough to attempt it. They’d be great for amigurumi, knit/crocheted embellishments, or patches.

  4. There is a sock pattern that is made up of hexagons and each hexagon uses a different colour yarn- those would be perfect for that. Also, amigurumi, patches and crocheted or knitted embellishments.

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