Spring has sprung!

Happy Spring Forward!

Ok – so we lost an hour of sleep, but we gained one beautiful day.  At least that is the case in Toronto, and I hope it is wherever you find yourself reading this.

Just like a spring thaw, new spring yarns are ever so slowly, trickling into the Knit Cafe.

Euroflax, 100% linen, sport weight, $26 per 246 metres
Pewter, Eggplant, Red, Mustard, Aqua, and new colours- Steel, Violet, Navy

This yarn is wonderful.  Crispy at first, but softer and softer the more it is handled, worn and washed.  It makes a fantastic summer fabric.  In fact it is my favorite summer yarn.
The Knit Cafe has two patterns made with Euroflax- Lacy Linen Scarf (which is a great first lace project and also has instructions for a shawl width) and Feather and Fan Skirt.

I also find this to be a very lovely skirt too

You can find the pattern for free here.  Isn’t that nice?

Happy first day of spring
Craftily yours

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