For Better or Worsted

Anzula’s For Better or Worsted!

You know I’m excited about this! Part two of our order from Anzula has arrived.  The folks that recently brought us the kitten soft yarn called Cloud has now brought us this purrfect example of a yarn.

It is what has made this hat a treat to wear everyday for the last few months.  It still looks good-as-new with no pills – thank you very much, and no forehead itchies neither. The hat is  Brooklyn Tweed’s Rosebud pattern.  I made this hat a one skein project by going down a needle size from a 5mm to a 4.5mm, just in case you try to do the same. 

The Anzula, For Better or Worsted is made with 80% Superwash Merino, 10% CASHMERE, and 10% nylon.  It costs  $32.50 for 182 metres (200 yards ).  It does not feel like kittens.  The tight spin gives it a slippery feeling, and it shines as if spun by Rumpelstiltskin himself.  It is also bouncy and springy and full of joy.  It does not feel like kittens, and yet it feels gorgeous just the same.

Like me, the Purl Bee is fond of this yarn and has many patterns for it like this and this and this too.

Can’t wait for you all to see it.

Craftily yours


4 responses to “For Better or Worsted

  1. Love this yarn, so glad it’s at the Cafe! Am just finishing a double knit cowl with it and it’s soooo lovely to work with. I’ll be down soon to get more!

  2. That is a beautiful hat ! I plane to make just a hat. I like shape of Rosebud. Can you describe, how you decreased stitches in garter stitch section and how casted off ?

    • It’s been a long time since I made that hat. Usually hat decreases occur at regular intervals. Often they are divided in 5-8 sections with markers and decreases are done at each marker, every other row. When you have decreased as much as you desire (leave 12-25sts or so unless you want a pointy hat) gather all the stitches together by threading your yarn through the remaining loops and cinching them together. This is much like a draw-string. This is done instead of casting off. Good luck with your hat.

  3. Thanks a lot ! I divide my work into 6 sections. I try again.

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