bits and bobs

A delivery of knit and crochet tools and accessories!

What you see here is:
Crochet Hook Set from Boye, includes 16 steel hooks AND 8 aluminum hooks. All are inclosed in a carrying case -$45
Double Crochet Hooks in packages of three.  Good for having around for picking up stitches and other tricks. $12
Clover Round Stitch Markers, packages come in small to fit 2mm-8mm -$5.25 for 30, and large to fit 8mm to 19mm -$5.75 for 20.
Clover Triangular Stitch Markers.  Some folks love this shape. They find it easier to slip and excellent for keeping tension. Markers come in small size- 3.75mm-5mm, packages of 16 for $5 and medium- 5.5mm-6.5mm, packages of 16 for $5.
Clover’s fine Elastic Thread to knit into tops of socks or legwarmers, to help them stay put! $6.95

I love these tape measures! Tiger, Pig, Panda and Frog are $3 each.

It might be time to replenish the tool kit, or make up a little gifty for a new knitter. 
Did you hear Mother’s Day is coming up soon? If not, then you have now.  Sunday May 13 is the day. Still time to knit a little something for Mom if you are so inclined.  A little shawlette is perfect this time of the year.  Or have Mom join you for a crafty class or a cafe latte at the Knit Cafe.  Together-time is probably what she would like best.

Craftily yours

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