We can’t get enough of these mini skeins.  So much so, that we just added a punchy bunch of new colours.  So much so that we  have developed a contest with them as the focal point.

Here’s how you enter-

Go HERE, and in the comments section of the post, tell us all your grand ideas. What could you do with these pretty little bundles of joy. That’s it!

What can you win?-

You can win a $50 gift certificate to use at the Knit Cafe.  For those who are not so near you can use the gift certificate for mail order lovelies too.

Now – I would be remiss.  If I did not use this opportunity to send a great big thank-you to all the folks who helped us out at the Knitter’s Frolic, this past weekend.  Such a hard working and cheerful bunch, you all did a wonderful job and we are ever so grateful. You are the best- no contest!

Craftily yours


One response to “Contest!

  1. Hum well I would make striped socks, but currently I am making the Zig zag baby blanket with them.

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