I got sunshine – on a cloudy day!

There is nothing cold and damp about these fluffy clouds.  Silk Cloud is here!

For those of you who think that mohair is close kin to prickly pear then you have not yet met this yarn from Shibui.  Mohair and silk combine and conquer in this lace weight yarn.  The silk contributes the soft and the shiny, and the mohair brings the fluff. Bring on the fluff!

Yarn this fine is great for shawls, even lacy ones.  I know what you’re thinking – will the mohair not distract from the lace patterning?  This mohair offers more of a halo then an afro, and I have seen it used to good effect even with lace.
For something else look here.  You won’t be sorry!

Lovely linen! I am convinced that it is the best summer knitting fibre.  This yarn stays cool and crisp even when you feel a little hot and droopy.  It gets softer and softer with wear and wash.

Have a closer look.  What a neat texture!  Fine linen threads are braided to make a sport weight yarn. 24-28 sts/10cm.

These nine colours of linen added to our pretty array of Euroflax mean a whole lot of choice.  That is good news for those of us who are smitten with linen.
Shibui Linen is $15 for 225m, Silk Cloud is $18.50 for 300m.

Craftily yours


One response to “I got sunshine – on a cloudy day!

  1. My mouth is watering… These colours are simply gorgeous.

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