With the Crochet Blanket Class close at hand (it starts on July 22) I thought I would share my version of the blanket.
I was inspired by Maurie Todd’s beautiful creation below.  In fact I outright copied her.  Noro Sock yarn for the middles: that ever-changing yarn that gives you all the colours in the rainbow in just one ball, and a solid coloured sock yarn for the outside.

But since the recipient of this blanket was still in diapers, I  picked some peppy colours.  Lorna’s Laces Firefly for the background.
I found making this blanket addictive, especially the happy little middles that I stacked up and admired. Then I unstacked them and ordered them, reordered them, puzzled and plotted, and restacked them.  Then I made more.  Attaching them all together was not so bad either.  They were crocheted together with NO SEW SEAMS! Something you will learn in class.

When it was all done – I was not!

The finished blanket had wavy edges thanks to the hexagons and all their angles. Those of you who have made the blanket will know what I mean.  To remedy this I made “half hexagons” and added them along the edges that needed them (2 of the 4). Necessity being the mother of invention – I taught myself how.  Others have gone before me and done the same but they were not around.

This is what I did…

Start as you would for any other hexagon, chain 4 and then slip stitch to close.
Then Ch3 and DC 8 times into the ring (makes 9 spokes)

Ch3 and skip the first space in between your posts (between the CH3 and first DC).  DC twice into the next space between the DC of the previous row.

Keep going with the sets of 2 DC (with Ch1 between sets) just like you would for the regular hexagon. 6 sets of 2 DC  are followed by a Ch1 and 1 more DC into the last space.


Now make 2 DC into the first space. Ch1. 3 DC into the next space and carry on with sets of 3 DC with chain spacers between.  You should have made a total of 7 sets.  On my diagram add the first (Ch3+ 2DC) with the second (3DC) and the next 5= 7 total.

Anchor Row! With background colour (all the same in my case) Ch3 and slip stitch in spaces between 3DC’s all the way around.

Adding it on is the same technique as the rest of your hexies. Start with Ch3, and slip stitch into the corner

2DC into the anchor, makes your first corner. For the hexagons side – slip stitch into the next space to attach to blanket,  3DC  into the anchor, slip stitch into the next space on blanket. Start your  next corner with 3DC…

…then slip stitch into both of the two corner spaces together and 3DC into the same anchor. Keep going. Side. Corner. Side.

To finish it off, 2DC into the anchor, and slip stitch the corner to the edge.

Folks who have taken the Crochet Blanket Class, or made their own version of this pattern should have little trouble with the “half hexagon”.  Give it a go!

Here’s the blanket almost done.  I edged the whole lot with a single crocheted border to keep it clean.  It was bundled and bowed and sent on it’s way.
And that’s my story

Craftily yours

2 responses to “hex!

  1. thank you!!!!!… now I won’t have the wavy edges…directions clearly explained… m

  2. Wowzers! The Noro looks great. I love it knitted, but there’s something super special about it when it’s crocheted!

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