Born on the Bayou

I had entertained calling this post “Rock the Casbah” but then I reproached myself.  That’s just a little too easy, isn’t it?

by Handmaiden

3 out of 5 Knitters put Casbah on their Favorite Yarns of 2011 List.
Let me tell you why.  It rocks!
It’s a sock yarn made with merino wool with a dose of cashmere and a dab of nylon (for strength). There are other yarns with this make-up, but this (in my opinion) is the nicest of it’s kind.  There is something extra dreamy about Casbah and the Knit Cafe just got a whole lot richer with it.
Kate was recently in Nova Scotia and was able to take time for an excursion to Fleece Artist/Handmaiden HQ.  She hand picked some stunners and had them sent along by post. The best thing about this shipment of Casbah in comparison with the other orders we have received of the same, is that the colours came in batches this time.  Usually we get one-offs, sometimes twosomes, but now with bunches of 4 to 8 skeins all the same – make yourself a Casbah sweater why don’t ya? Heaven! Casbah is $29 for 325m.

The special ingredient in Fleece Artist/Handmaiden yarn is Nova Scotian bog water.  I was told this by Kate who got the inside scoop whilst gathering wool.

Craftily yours


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