Mr. Noro

Noro has always been a favourite yarn of mine.  Each ball is a little bundle of joy.

After reading all about the founding father -Eisaku Noro, I have even more reasons to like Noro. Before it was fashionable to talk of “environmental footprints” Eisaku Noro was thinking of his. His yarn company walks the walk and it’s a short one.
This industrious man set to work on conventional carding and spinning machines, adapting them to make them more efficient. Due to his ingenuity the processing from fleece to yarn was shortened to save resources. Noro saves 46% more energy compared to the industry standard. Shortening the processing also had the effect of keeping the fibres more intact retaining more of their natural properties and enzymes. Noro’s machinery creates less dust and less chemical smell which I surmise would be better for those who work with them.
Noro keeps close watch on it’s sheep. Their supervision ensures that farms are certified organic, the water and soil checked regularly and the sheep are not treated with medications unnecessarily.
Noro’s signature colour-ways are arranged by hand.  If you go to their web site you can see Mr. Noro and his team doing just that.  Wouldn’t that be a great job!

Craftily yours

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