The Sheep was Brown – or was it?

Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride has arrived!
When we opened The Knit Cafe (almost eight years ago now) we did not have as many bright and beautiful yarns as we do now.  It took a while to build up a collection of favourites and to develop the yarn menu.  One thing we did have from day-1 was Brown Sheep. 

We’ve always had Lambs Pride Bulky. Let me tell you why.
#1. It is chunky (3 stitches per inch) so it knits up fast.
#2 It is inexpensive ($9.50 for 114 m, 125 yds).  You could knit up a fine scarf in one skein, a generous scarf with two, an extravagant scarf with three.
#3. Did you see the colours? ↑
#4. It has excellent stitch definition that shows off both knit and crochet stitches beautifully.
#5.  It is made with all natural fibre. 15% mohair is blended into the wool giving it a sweet halo.
#6. It is a great yarn for child-prodigy knitters (see #1, #2, #3).
#7. It is proven durable, reliable, and consistent, in other words a true-blue friend.

See how the shelves are filling up, and there is more and more yarn coming.  We must be closing in on knit-season. Meanwhile, I am closing in on the latest Fall/Winter Class Schedule,  it will be ready for the viewing public (you!) soon.  Look out for it.
Craftily yours

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