in praise of beautiful distractions

This post wrote itself.  Or, perhaps more accurately it was ghost curated by friends and interlopers.  They threw eye candy at me this morning, while I endeavored to concentrate on work.  Check out some of the fruits of labor – our new class schedule can be found on the Knit Cafe’s home page here.
…and now on to the beautiful distractions…
An exquisite photograph of a divine shawl.  The photographer is Jared Flood from Brooklyn Tweed.  The shawl is from the the Icelandic Textile Museum in Blönduós. Those large egg-shaped  holes are a delight! See more of Jared’s photos here.

Back in January I was in some kind of state of exhaustion when I posted about this incredible crochet park.  I was only too glad to go back and visit the work of Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam with more clarity.  Thanks to Jill for the link with even more pictures of the National Park in Sapporo Japan.  Don’t we all wish we could go there and frolic about in the crochet?

Jill’s link advanced the good news that Horiuchi-MacAdam is not the only one building textile parks.  Check out the work of Numen, an Austrian/Croatian design team and their contemporary art space in Belgium.  Numen also made some art from sticky tape in Australia, that looks enchanting.

Knit designer Cecily Glowik MacDonald has just published a new booklet of knitting patterns this August.

Stand-outs like Spendrift↑

and Newale↑, are in good company with 10 more patterns.  You can purchase the collection called Landing: Winged Knits Vol 1, and individual patterns too on Ravelry here.

Cheers to ghosts, interlopers, and distractions too.
Craftily yours


One response to “in praise of beautiful distractions

  1. I knew those big dangly things looked familiar! Thanks for the shout-out, my day is made (and it’s only 2am!)!! Fabulous cardis too!

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