make it today – do not delay!

That’s what I said to my self this morning on the way to work.  This exclamation of “brrrrr “was followed swiftly by an “I wish I had….”.
I used to have a pair of very useful, not warm at all but elegantly stylish gloves.  They were excellent on the bike on slightly brisk mornings like this one was.  Alas, I lost one of said gloves and am now without this useful accessory. I have always felt that when one thing leaves your life it leaves room for another thing to fill it’s place.  So after a quick mourning period for the glove I bravely looked forward to making myself a light weight pair of mittens. I am constantly mooning over fair isle patterns in jolly colour combos made with fingering weight yarn.  I could have chosen any one of them and made a lovely new pair of hand warmers, but did I? I did not, or at least haven’t yet and now- well – brrrrr – I wish I had knit them in July.  Note to self to repost these realizations next July, and perhaps we will all benefit. Still it is not too late.  There are still months ahead to wear such things, and there is next year too, assuming I don’t loose them by then.

Clockwise from top left: Arrowhead by Brooklyn Tweed, Swedish Forrest by Josefine Martinsson,  Straggo by Brooklyn Tweed and Chrysanthemum by Heather Desserud.

By the way, I also wish that back in July I had made myself a light weight colourful scarf.  I could have worn it this morning. One of these ↓ might do.

On top is Color Affection by Veera Välimäki, below right is Ulmus Rectangle by Kirsten Kapur and below left is Winnowing by Brooklyn Tweed.
All these Brooklyn Tweed patterns are also available in the cafe so you can come in and peruse them at your leisure.

Did you know that the Knit Cafe has it’s very own coffee mugs? These are NOT your plastic, mass produced, corporate swag types but handcrafted porcelain.  Each is painted with a unique skein of yarn and says the knit cafe.  They are made by local artisans Thomas Aikens and Kate Hyde and are $45 each We just got a new batch in.

Inside there are polka-dots!

I was in the Toronto High Park Zoo on Monday and met this charming fellow →

I love a friendly llama!
Craftily yours


2 responses to “make it today – do not delay!

  1. sandra macdonald

    Just wondering if you have an adult pattern for mittens without thumbs. My husband had a stroke, and cannot open his left hand to put on even a regular mitten, so I thought a thumb-less mitten would do the trick for him. Can you help? Many thanks!

    Sandra MacDonald

    • Hi there,
      You could probably follow any “after thought” mitten pattern, just don’t put in the waste yarn for the thumb and omit the steps that involve knitting the thumb on afterwards. Good luck!

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