Royalty arrives!

2 new yarns!  These fuzzy skeins are made from 100% baby llama fibre.   They are dreamy and drapey skeins with a darn good price. 200 metres of worsted weight is $13.
I really dig that orange!
…but make way for the King!

What the heck is it?

Royal Alpaca is delux Baby Alpaca.  Baby Alpaca is the fibre that comes from the year’s first shear of the alpacas. This early bird fleece is the finest and the softest the season will have to offer. Royal Alpaca is the very best bits of this first shear.  The fibre is judged by its “microns”. Microns measure thickness, and a “royal” alpaca yarn has to measure between 19 and 19.5 microns to qualify.  In other words it must be very fine indeed. Less then 1% of all alpaca qualifies.
None of this is required knowledge.  All you really need to know is that Royal Alpaca is considered the highest quality and the softest alpaca there is, and we’ve got some!

Come in and feel it up!

Other privileges that come with royalty:
– no lanolin , therefore holds less allergens
– lighter, warmer and stronger than sheep wool.
– odor, stain, flame and wrinkle resistant. I would suggest that you avoid flames regardless if you are wearing alpaca.
– some claim it is softer then cashmere (I humbly disagree, but I am a cashmere devotee)

Illimani Royal Alpaca is $19 for 200 metres.



Folks – there is still time to register for our Sock Master Class.  It starts this Saturday and it is the last one until the new year! Call 416 533 5648.

Craftily yours

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