Gobble Gobble!

Amongst my favorite television shows of all time is WCRP in Cincinnati.  In case you don’t know, and if you don’t know I’m so sorry, WKRP is a 1970’s sitcom set at a local Cincinnati radio station.  At WKRP the office is brimming with characters of the colourful kind who get up to all types of hyjinks.  Hilarity ensues!
In a particular episode, Mr Carlson (the big boss at WKRP) plans a Thanksgiving promotion campaign for the radio station, the nature of which is kept secret till the big day. Les Nessman (WKRP’s news reporter) is live relaying the action.  A helicopter appears in the sky with a banner attached wishing folks a Happy Thanksgiving and then objects begin emerging from the chopper. As they hit the ground with a splat, Les Nessman and all bystanders are horrified to realize that they are turkeys!
Later – Mr Carlson says in his own defense “as God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”.

Why am I telling you this?
See the yarn on the bottom of the pile which looks kinda like a turkey might? It is dyed in a colour called “as God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”. So of course I had to get some for the store.  The beautiful red on top is called “Only the exact phrase I used was “Don’t””, the gorgeous blue beneath it is called “You punched the highlights out of her hair”.
Indigodragonfly takes colour inspiration from film and television and when it comes to naming these colours there are no limits on the word count. Thank goodness!

The green is called “Turtljagar: for when Frogschlager just won’t do”. The teal is called “Is the monkey okay? Did they hurt the monkey?”.  The yellow is called ” Tweety of Versailles”.  The multicoloured one is called ” Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock”

On top we got “And then Buffy staked Edward, The End”. On the left “A thin line between love and batteries”.  On the right, “Bright lights, big city, busy highway, slow unicorn”.
I don’t pretend to know where all these references come from, although I do recognize a few.  Regardless, I am so glad they are there.  It must be one of the best parts about making your own yarns – thinking up the colour names, and Indigodragonfly takes full advantage of this perk!

The yarn pictured here is all the sock-weight variety.  A tight spin of merino with a bit of nylon for strength and endurance.  It is $26 for 356m (390yds) and made right here in Ontari-ari-O!
Must be time to make some socks. Our Sock Class is beginning on Monday November 12.  See the description and details here, and register by calling us at 416 533 5648.

Craftily yours


One response to “Gobble Gobble!

  1. I also love WKRP and made a pair of socks using “as God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!” just because of the name. Also because the colours are even lovelier in person and the yarn is really nice to work with. I would highly recommend it. (And I wish I were the person who gets to name the colours. What a great job that would be!)
    xoxo – Donna

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