A blanket is forever!

Forget the diamonds, a blanket is much cozier, and so maybe it won’t last “forever”, but it will last a very long time indeed.  If treated with due respect a hand crafted blanket can be passed down to the children, and then to their children, and even further down the line. Generations can be napping with them, making forts from them, and perhaps even keeping warm whilst knitting under them.
crochet blanket

The Crochet Blanket Class is coming up again.  It features one of my all time favourite blanket patterns.  See this version ↑ made by lovely Maurie Todd with the help of magical Noro for the middles.

crochet blanket

This is Judith’s version (in progress) after only two classes and a week of knitting time.  Cascade 220 and Berroco Ultra Alpaca making up this beautiful pallet of colours.

crochet blanketcrochet blanket

Some more in-class photo-ops.

See those middles stack up!




Arranging the middles is good-fun!


This ↑ is my version, made for my friend’s new-born this past summer.


The original blanket ↑, still holds it’s own.
Now that you are properly inspired you can start planning your own version. Even if you have never crocheted before you can still join the class.  Here are the details:

Crochet Blanket Class
Sunday  January 27 and February 3, 12:30-3:30
$70, materials not included
to register call 416 533 5648.

Craftily yours


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