favourite things

favourite things
If you’re looking for something to knit that will stir up the creative juices, then have a look at My Favourite Things Infinity Scarf.  It has been garnering a lot of well deserved attention on good-ol’ ravelry.com.  The pattern was brought to my attention by lovely Carol who is busy choosing colours to make her own version.
This project won’t be for everyone but some folks will love it to pieces.  If you are the type of knitter who likes to mix things up and go your own way then I suggest you give this project the once over.

This infinity scarf is knit using fairisle and intarsia colour-work techniques.  It includes a few charts for decorative touches such as garlands of flowers, swirls and snowflakes and the elephant chain too. The rest of the design work is up to you.  Go on a treasure hunt to find knitting charts for your own favourite things to add to the scarf, or for the very gung ho – create your own charts.  If just the idea of this makes you furrow your brow and scowl a bit then this is not the pattern for you.  Alternatively if your brain starts to tick like a well wound clock at the thought of this knit-adventure then you better get to it.
favourite t
The plentiful Cascade 220, and 220 Superwash colours will give you ample choice for this project.  The auteur suggests at least 10 colours, so if you have bits and pieces of worsted weights left behind from other projects then throw that in too.
I will leave you to mull over your favourite things, and if you have the urge to sing like Julie Andrews now, I say don’t hold back!

Craftily yours


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  1. That does indeed stir up creative juices! And it makes it hard to finish all projects I am working on right now … Thanks for sharing!!

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