Opinionated and Fantastic!

This week my sweetheart gave me this ↓

Now read cover to cover, I am ever closer to my goal of reading every word that Elizabeth Zimmerman ever wrote.
“The Opinionated Knitter” is a collection of the “Wool Gathering Newsletters” that EZ wrote between 1958 and 1968.  Those were the days when news such as this arrived through the snail mail.  When EZ began writing her newsletters they were sent off for free and then later, she begrudgingly started charging 25 cents.  Recipients must feel it was the best investment of 25 cents ever!
Things are so different now.  Imagine what Ms Zimmerman could do with a blog!
…and still things remain the same. Knitters still knit, and we need EZ’s words of wisdom and guidance as much as ever. “The Opinionated Knitter” contains the details of EZ’s famous “percentage system ” how to design and knit your own sweater patterns based on proportions, the infamous Baby Surprise Jacket Pattern and the Tomten Jacket Pattern too.
More than patterns and sage knit-advice, even more than revolutionary knit ideas, and even more than boundless inspiration, this book illuminates some of the small corners of Elizabeth’s life that are priceless.  Definitely highway robbery at 25 cents per.
Read about Elizabeth and her Old Man’s camping trips to Canada accompanied by their Siamese cat called KLINE (always in capitals is KLINE). Read about their motorcycle excursions and Easter egg hunts.
Above are pictures taken at the “Knitting Summit” with other noteworthy knitters Mary Walker Phillips, and Barbara G Walker, taken in 1980.  That’s EZ in the middle!

Other pictures in the book feature folks from the Zimmerman clan, daughters, sons, grand daughters, and grand sons. The family photos give more context to the writing and also show off  Elizabeth’s handmade creations excellently. Additional text is added by Meg Swansen (Elizabeth’s daughter) who is a fabulous knitter her own-self with several books under her belt. To get your own copy and other works by EZ go to the Schoolhouse Press.

I leave you with these words from the lady herself (they may help with the winter blues).
“I also prefer winters to some seasons I could name. So pretty and clean and spare. And plenty of time for, and call for, knitting”

Big thanks to my Old Man for the thoughtful gift.
Craftily yours

3 responses to “Opinionated and Fantastic!

  1. Interesting post, and interesteg woman, this EZ. One has to be full of initiative and will to send newsletters by regular mail… I love that they show copies of her handwritten work, the colors, motifs… beautiful!

    • Oops! Sorry, I meant… interesting, twice! We really should have the possibility to correct those errors even once the comment has been sent!

  2. You can take a cat camping?!!??!
    EZ looks so much like my beloved Scottish gran…it makes me happy to see pictures of her!

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