A horse of a different colour.

No f#@&ing around – this is one of my favourite yarns.
I rarely get to talk about it, cause we rarely get such a heaping shipment. This is what I think of as a workhorse yarn.  Nothing showy, or flashy about it, but Elitespun (as far as I’m concerned) is the salt of the earth.
Fingering weight, with a pretty 2-ply twist, this merino yarn knits into beautifully soft garments.
Solid or heather colours, no hand-dying here, for knits that call out for consistency.
Pretty, pretty colours, including a big range of neutrals.  380 yards is a steal at $14.50.  Machine washable too!
casdcade 220 superwash
Also, an arrival this week ↑ Cascade 220 Superwash! 23 colours in stock of this 100% wool, washable, worsted weight.  These 4 new colours are new for us, clockwise from top left # 1951, # 1910, # 892, # 1919, $12 each.

Craftily yours


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